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FinanceCut through the clutter and grow your business.

Spectrum Reach makes Finance advertising easy and effective.

Be seen where investors are watching.

63% of potential bank switchers responded to digital display ads in the past year.1

64% of potential bank switchers responded to video pre-roll ads in the past year.1

79% of fintech users have streamed television in the last week.2

High-income investors watch an average of 20 hours of TV each week.2

Gen Z is on every screen, are you?

Stand out and boost marketing effectiveness with advertising solutions across all screens. A campaign featuring linear + streaming TV + mobile is shown to increase purchase intent by 13% over a single medium campaign.3

young investor on a tablet

InfographicSpark interest in your online banking services.

Building the digital banking experience isn’t enough. It’s vital for financial institutions to generate awareness of their online products and services.

See this infographic to learn how →

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ArticlePeer-to-peer learning

Check out this Q&A for successful marketing advice from a growing credit union.

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Create a successful campaign.

Connect with usWork with an expert to build your digital media campaign

Get a local team of creative and marketing professionals to help get your brand in the right places online.

Create your own adsStart creating your ads now with AdPortal

Create your ads, target your audience and monitor your campaign performance with our self-service platform.


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