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Data that paints the full picture.

Spectrum Reach’s first-party data from over 30 million households, combined with third-party insights from 70+ data partners, means we know our audiences. We can help you find and precisely target your customers.

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No other local media partner has the access to near census-level data that we do.

We can reach up to 97% of consumers in the US. And our proprietary aggregated and de-identified first-party data ensures you’re reaching the right audiences with a relevant message.


Data PartnersData is inherent to the way we do business.

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AudienceAppCampaign planning. Smarter.

Our exclusive TV planning tool, AudienceApp, uses the industry’s most powerful marketing data to reach more of your target customers at a more efficient price.

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AudienceTrakTrack success in real time.

Our deterministic multiscreen attribution connects TV and Streaming TV ad exposures to digital actions, like website visits. You’ll know a viewer saw an ad, and then took action—proving your campaign is efficient and effective, and providing insights to optimize future campaigns for maximum results. Spectrum Reach is the first to bring brands deterministic multiscreen attribution at scale in partnership with Innovid and Blockgraph.

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