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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does this cost?

All of our advertising solutions are tailored specifically to each client based on the geography they are looking to advertise in and the type of customers they are looking to reach. A local Account Executive will talk to you about your advertising budget and show you a few proposals around that price point to give you an idea of the cost.


How do I measure the success of my campaign?

You can monitor the performance of your campaign in real time through our AudienceTrak platform, which provides 24/7 access to analytics. This gives you full transparency into the data and information required to make informed decisions if you or your Account Executive decide to make any adjustments during the campaign.


Can you create a commercial for me?

Yes. You can work with our award-winning internal advertising agency, Kernel, to create effective advertisements to help your campaign succeed. Or use our Ad Portal and Waymark AI products to create your own commercial—on your schedule and your budget.


Can I advertise in multiple states?

Get your message out across the country through our extensive local relationships, powerful audience insights, unparalleled access to the top 60+ cable networks, and innovative advertising products that help ensure that you are heard loud and clear.


Can I advertise my business online?

With Spectrum Reach you get access to online solutions across premium websites, social media, and the top search engines, as well as streaming TV and Video on Demand, to connect you with your customers anywhere they’re watching, streaming, scrolling, or searching.


Does Spectrum Reach offer Linear and Streaming TV inventory programmatically?

Yes. We make it easy for advertisers to transact with us however they prefer. Our premium streaming TV inventory can be purchased through a private marketplace deal—or work with our team of experts via a programmatic guaranteed deal. Our linear inventory is available via Beachfront SSP.