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Keeping Your Brand Safe

Preventing ad fraud and protecting your advertising investment by ensuring a premium environment across all screens

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Your brand safety is our priority.

With the convergence of multiscreen TV (linear and streaming), it’s more important than ever for advertisers to target their potential customers in premium, brand-safe environments across TV, OTT, CTV, and VOD.

Spectrum Reach partners with verification company Oracle Moat Analytics to validate that all of Spectrum Reach inventory has been seen by real people and is held to the highest key performance indicators.

As the first local media sales organization to achieve Platinum-level TAG Certification, we ensure the highest level of safety for your brand, protecting against all forms of ad fraud. Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) is a first-of-its-kind cross-industry accountability program to create transparency in business relationships, brand safety and eliminate fraudulent digital advertising traffic while continuing to enable innovation.

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Media Village ArticleFighting on the Frontlines of Ad Fraud

The landscape of ad fraud is changing as media consumption habits change and scammers follow trends in viewership. Spectrum Reach is on the forefront of combatting ad fraud across all screens.

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Let’s grow your business.

Work with a team of creative and marketing professionals today to help place your business in the right, brand-safe, premium inventory across all screens today.

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