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DIY Ad portalEasy and affordable TV advertising with Ad Portal.

Do it yourself with Ad Portal, an easy self-service platform for advertisers to create affordable multiscreen TV campaigns. Target your audience down to the zip code level on the top TV and streaming networks, on your budget and right from your computer.

Your ads are made to be seen.

Not only can you create your own ads, but you can run them on the networks, shows, and apps where your audience is watching. And with Spectrum Reach, your message can also be seen on the Spectrum TV App—the number one streaming service in the U.S. on an hours-per-household basis.1 The benefits are undeniable:


Streaming TV increases your reach by 33% when added to your TV campaign.2


See up to a 209% increase in reach when adding TV to a streaming-only campaign.3


We help clients deliver reach at scale on a national to hyper-local level reaching up to 97% of consumers in the U.S.4

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your goal

    It all starts with a choice: are you promoting a specific event or sale, or creating brand awareness?

  2. Find your audience

    Choose your audience and the area where you want your commercial to air. The Ad Portal will find the customers you need to reach, down to the zip code.

  3. Choose a package

    Our aggregated and de-identified first-party viewership data gets you the best mix of video inventory to maximize your budget.

  4. Create your commercial

    Upload your own commercial or let us help you build a 30-second commercial for FREE with one of our Ad Portal templates.

Create your commercial with AI.

We’ve partnered with Waymark to launch an AI-powered platform that automatically accesses your brand from the web and creates a personalized, TV-ready video (including voice-over) in just a few minutes. Then upload your brand new video to your Ad Portal campaign!


See how it works and try it out →

Customer testimonialAd Portal gets your business results.

Footnanny partnered with Spectrum Reach and used Ad Portal to run two campaigns.

Get StartedStart creating ads now with Ad Portal.

Create your ads, target your audience, and monitor your campaign performance with our self-service platform.