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DIY Waymark AIBig News for Businesses

Introducing the power of AI to create TV-quality ads for your business.

female business owner working on computer

Instant video creative, at your fingertips

Produce a commercial in less than 5 minutes, including a voiceover! Customized just for you based on the content your business already has online.

11 Realistic Voiceovers

4 template tones to choose from

Created in under 5 minutes!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your business info

    Start with your business and your location to get the platform going. (Yes, it’s that easy.)

  2. AI produces your video

    Waymark’s AI scans the web for your local business data and automatically produces a video based on your brand.

  3. Finalize your video

    Polish your video and adjust--colors, messaging, even custom graphics will update on the fly.

  4. Get the word out

    Download and get your campaign going with Ad Portal or your local Spectrum Reach expert.

Waymark empowers our teams and clients with an option that addresses multiple creative needs in one tool, allowing businesses of all sizes to create fast, affordable, and timely promotional messaging.

- Timm Chiusano, VP of Production and Creative Services

Welcome to the Future of Advertising.

With Waymark AI, easily create the commercial that builds your business.

screenshot of the waymark interface

Video, check. Now let’s get it in front of your new customers.

CONNECT WITH USWork with an expert to build your digital media campaign.

Get a local team of creative and marketing professionals to help put your video in the right places online. 

PLACE YOUR OWN ADStart placing your video ad now with Ad Portal.

Go the DIY route and put your video on every screen and device, target your audience, and monitor your campaign with our self-service platform.