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Efficient and effective advertising to stand out in your field.

Each industry has unique marketing challenges. Meet your advertising goals in this increasingly complex marketplace with a media partner who understands your industry.

Media SolutionsLearn how our industry expertise will set your campaign apart.


Put your advertising strategy in overdrive with our auto advertising insights.


Reach patients with our unique targeting capabilities.


Connect campaigns with the right voters anywhere, on every screen.


Capture omni-channel retail buyers with multiscreen ad strategies.

Home Improvement

Build a larger customer base with our household viewing data.


Enjoy travel and entertainment advertising made easy—and effective.


Reach financial clients by targeting them where they’re most engaged.


Get first-in-class marketing insights on prospective students and parents.


Employ strategies that will get your legal firm noticed.

Effective campaigns start with first-party data—and we have it.

Our first-party data gathers viewing habits to better inform your campaign, and we combine it with premium third-party data to ensure you’re reaching the right audience with a relevant message.

Precision targeting

We have access to 30 million exclusive first-party data insights. This allows us to accurately target your best customers across all screens, anywhere, and maximize your budget.

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Transparent reporting

Ensure you campaign is hitting the mark with 24/7/365 reporting with AudienceTrak, our premier reporting and analytics dashboard.

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Efficient advertising

You can ensure your advertising is efficient and effective by connecting digital advertising exposures across screens to digital actions and leveraging our deterministic measurement.

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Find your new customer in your industry.