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We built a more transparent way to measure.

With AudienceTrak you can analyze your campaign and ensure you're reaching your audience.

Detailed reporting right at your fingertips.

Campaign Measurement

Ensure your campaign is effectively reaching your target audience with a customized, all-encompassing, real-time dashboard, accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

Full Transparency

Monitor your campaign performance with real-time analytics, wherever and whenever, optimized by product for easy navigation.

Digital Lift

See how your campaign gives a boost to your online presence, making an impact by driving your consumers directly to your website.

AudienceTrak20% Revenue Increase.

Chris Corley's plumbing company was wasting precious resources by not targeting the right viewers geographically. The solution was a high-frequency TV schedule that focused on two cable zones, Greenville and Spartanburg, and a digital schedule that targeted the same zip codes.

plumber working under the sink

Using AudienceTrak, Corley Plumbing was able to track the effectiveness of each campaign while also fine-tuning future campaigns for greater effectiveness. 


Increase in customers signing up for the Chris Corley Service Partner Plan.


Increase in incoming calls.


Increase in revenue with steady business growth through high and low months.

Know to grow.

Testing and measurement are key to sharpening your campaign and boosting your business. With AudienceTrak you have the data you need to make every dollar count.