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Target with simplicity and precision.

The power of data allows you to precisely target your audience across every screen.

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Reach your audience across every screen – wherever they are.

By combining our first-party data with robust third-party data sets we can deliver your message precisely to reach your desired audience.



Streaming TV

Digital Media

We find the right audience with proprietary data for unmatched reach and scale.

Data-driven technology.

Our proprietary aggregated and de-identified first-party data is gathered from our direct connections with nearly 30 million Spectrum households. We layer our first-party data with premium third-party behavioral and demographic data to better identify the target audience, find them across every screen, and deliver impressions to the right audience.

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Reach your target audience, precisely.

Our first-party viewership data, matched with data from our partners, targets your best audience to maximize your ad spend and reach your target audience anywhere.

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Protecting your brand.

We are TAG Platinum Certified, Moat verified, and deliver your messages on brand-safe content across every screen to reach the quality viewers you want.

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Unparalleled data.

At Spectrum Reach, we use privacy-compliant aggregated and de-identified first-party data to create multiscreen campaigns that FIND your best potential customers however they’re connected. Our data-informed precise targeting capabilities allow you to REACH the right customer, at the right time, on the right screen.

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AudienceAppCampaign planning. Smarter.

Our exclusive TV planning tool, AudienceApp, uses the industry’s most powerful marketing data to reach more of your target customers at a more efficient price.

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Let’s grow your business. We offer two ways to get started.

Connect With UsWork with an expert to build your digital media campaign.

Get a local team of creative and marketing professionals to help get your brand in the right places online.

Create your own adsStart creating your ads now with Ad Portal.

Create your ads, target your audience and monitor your campaign performance with our self-service platform.