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Ensure you’re reaching the right audience with a relevant message.

Our data paints the full picture, enabling precision cross-platform targeting to reach the audiences you are looking for with the message they need to hear, so you can be more efficient with your ad spend.

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Reach your audience across every screen—wherever they are.

We have access to 30 million exclusive first-party data insights, combined with third-party information from 70+ data partners, allowing us to accurately target your best customers across all screens, anywhere.



Streaming TV

Digital Media

We find the right audience with proprietary data for unmatched reach and scale.

Geographic, device, and household targeting.

Using our combined first-party and third-party data, we can target geographically right down to the zip code—and even further, by household or by device. With almost 1,000 addressable segments we can target precise households based on consumer behaviors and attributes, not just demographics, with relevant ads for more efficient media buys.

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Building for what’s now and what’s next in targeting.

We’re actively evolving our capabilities to make targeting even more effective. We can match your business data with our first party-data in a privacy-compliant way, to target your existing customers—and find similar potential customers to target with data-driven messaging.

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We protect your brand.

We are TAG Platinum Certified and Oracle Moat Verified. That means we deliver your messages on premium brand-safe content to reach the quality viewers you want—not bots.

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As national and as local as your audience.

We precisely target your customers nationally, locally, or hyper-locally. And our Spectrum Reach Total Universe is supported by local marketing experts who live and work in the communities we serve, helping local businesses look big and big brands look local.

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AudienceAppPlan smarter campaigns.

Our exclusive TV planning tool, AudienceApp, uses the industry’s most powerful marketing data to ensure your advertising is not only effective, but efficient.

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Let’s grow your business. We offer two ways to get started.

Connect With UsWork with an expert to build your digital media campaign.

Get a local team of creative and marketing professionals to help get your brand in the right places online.

Create your own adsStart creating your ads now with Ad Portal.

Create your ads, target your audience and monitor your campaign performance with our self-service platform.