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Campaign measurement. Made for your business.

From the smallest to the largest campaigns and everything in between, Spectrum Reach offers a wide range of tools and platforms to fine-tune your campaign and ensure you're getting the most from your investment.

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Track. Learn. Optimize.

We connect digital advertising exposures across screens to digital actions, like website visits. You’ll know your customer saw an ad, and then took action—proving your campaign is efficient and effective. Our deterministic attribution shows who is seeing your ads—most platforms don’t offer this, but Spectrum Reach does.

24/7/365 reporting.

Ensure your campaign is effectively reaching your target audience with a customized, all-encompassing dashboard, accessible 24/7.

Clear, accurate insights.

Monitor your campaign performance with real-time analytics across creative, region, network, website, and device, optimized by product for easy navigation.

Know your campaign worked.

Connect digital advertising exposures across screens to customer actions.

TrackingExperience a new level of transparency in your advertising.

Our award-winning AudienceTrak dashboard provides a new level of transparency into reporting and analytics. Get real-time access to your TV, Streaming TV, and digital campaign performance from a single client-facing platform. Monitor your  schedule wherever and whenever, by product, 24/7.

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Campaign EffectivenessThe power of audience-based TV buying.

Discover the power of audience-based TV buying—and its impact on campaign effectiveness, achieving faster, more accurate, and cost-effective results. Learn how All Media Design Group partnered with Spectrum Reach and Comscore to build an exceptional campaign.

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Exclusive multiscreen reach and frequency.

Our advanced media measurement capabilities provide a consistent and holistic view of how many people saw your ad on TV, streaming, or Video on Demand—and how often they saw it.

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Our proprietary data sets us apart from the competition.

Spectrum Reach provides advertisers with the ability to measure the impact that linear and streaming TV campaigns have on key campaign metrics, to give a view of the actions taken by your target audience after they are exposed to your ad.

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Monitor every aspect of your marketing campaign on a personalized campaign dashboard, 24/7, across creative, region, network, website, and device to ensure your campaign is converting efficiently based on your approach and your goals.

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Know to Grow.

Testing and measurement are key to sharpening your campaign and boosting your business. With Spectrum Reach you have the data you need to make every dollar count.