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Budget/ROI|November 28, 2022

The Power of Advertising on All Screens, on Your Budget, and in Your Hands

How to use our self-service ad platform to reach the exact customers you need on all screens

Mature female business owner in a planning session

TV Doesn’t Mean What it Used to.


From linear TV to streaming TV, device-to-device, “TV” has evolved far beyond a box in your living room. Consumers today have more choices than ever when it comes to what, where, and how they watch their favorite programming.

46 percent of consumers are now multiscreen viewers.1 This means that when businesses buy TV advertising, they can’t afford to ignore streaming TV options. Streaming has grown rapidly and now accounts for 30 percent of TV viewership, making streaming simply too big a piece of the TV pie to ignore.2 Consider this: on average, multiscreen advertising campaigns double the exposure of an ad compared to a traditional TV or streaming TV campaign alone.

Small businesses doing DIY advertising need to reach audiences everywhere they’re connected. When you add streaming TV to a TV-only campaign, your reach goes up 28 percent.3

The numbers tell the tale.

With multiscreen advertising, your audience is 250 percent more likely to become a customer and 90 percent more likely to become a repeat customer.4

Our Self-Service Platform Makes It Easy and Affordable to Advertise on TV and Streaming


The Spectrum Reach Ad Portal makes it easy for advertisers to understand exactly where to place your ads, and on which content and screens. You can target your audience down to the zip-code level on the top TV and streaming networks, on your budget, and right from your computer.

With the Ad Portal, your business can advertise on the same shows your customers love to watch, across the top TV networks, live sports and news, and streaming apps. Your brand will also gain access to the power of Spectrum News, which is viewed by more households than any other cable network or local broadcast channel.5 Your ads can also run on The Spectrum TV App, the most viewed streaming service in the U.S. on an hours-per-household basis.6


Our DIY, self-service platform gives you the media planning and buying tools you need to create impactful advertising:


  • We Provide Reach Without Limits
    Reach all audiences without limits, regardless of subscription or geography. Some advertising partners reach your audience on just one platform, like anglers who fish only in the lake. But at Spectrum Reach, we fish in the lake, ocean, and off private islands. Plus, we have the sonar data to make sure you’re getting “bites” from the customers your business needs to grow.
  • Access to Audience Data and Insights
    As one of the largest video advertising companies with decades of experience, we have access to millions of exclusive viewership insights. This allows us to accurately target your best customers across all screens, anywhere, and maximize your budget to give you a competitive edge. We use data to inform your campaign throughout every stage to give you the best results.
  • Access to World-Class Creative
    Ad portal allows you to bring your brand’s message to life with two free creative options. Build your commercial yourself in less than 15 minutes with smart templates, or let our experts create a compelling brand message for you in less than three days.


With Spectrum Ad Portal, it’s simple: Reach more customers. On more screens. On your budget. All through one easy-to-use self-service ad platform.