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Home ImprovementAn Award-Winning Audience-Based, Data-Driven Approach To Marketing

See how Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin teamed up with Spectrum Reach to create data-driven commercials and audience-targeted media campaigns.

Pella Windows and Doors home improvement project

With Spectrum Reach, Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin achieved:

  • 25%

    Web attribution response rate

Best Data Use for Creative Optimization

Won for the Pella Windows & Doors campaign. The data provided by Spectrum Reach helped define the client’s customer, which led to a whole new creative—and ultimately, a 25% increase in website traffic.

Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin

pella windows and doors logo

The Pella Corporation is a privately held window and door manufacturing company headquartered in Pella, Iowa, with manufacturing and sales operations in a number of locations in the United States including Wisconsin.

The Goal The True Power of Multiscreen Advertising

A local home improvement retailer joined with Spectrum Reach to demonstrate the true power of multiscreen advertising, by developing an audience-based campaign, measuring the impact, and attributing business outcomes like website visitation to ad exposure.

THE SOLUTION Client Data Analysis to Improve Commercial Creative and Geo-Targeting

Spectrum aligned Pella’s first-party customer data with best-in-class third-party audience profile data to perform client analysis. The resulting insights were used to create new, audience-focused creative; target customers within well-defined geographies; and select the sports and entertainment that were favorites in Pella homes.

top view of a neighborhood

THE RESULTSMultiscreen Attribution Demonstrates Campaign Success

Pella's new creative, customer mapping strategy, and audience-targeted media campaign were successful, driving a 25% higher Response Rate based on Attribution analysis. The data-driven programming recommendations consistently drove the greatest share of traffic to the Pella website.

Pella targeted geography

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