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TravelTravel and Tourism Creative Made Easy

Learn five important tips for creating travel ads that increase your bookings.

Learn MoreFive insights on effective travel marketing creative.

Here are some important tips.

  • Know your visitors—and use creative that speaks directly to their travel dreams.
  • Tell a story that is relevant to visitors. What do they need to hear right now?
  • Focus on a specific experience, rather than every amenity and dining option. Don’t say too much!
  • Creative must be appropriate to its media platform. The digital medium requires brevity, while television ads have the time to tell a longer story.
  • Use a single, simple call to action to tell visitors what to do next, such as “Book your trip today.”

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The right ad creative is crucial to your success. At Spectrum Reach, you can partner with our award-winning creative services agency, Kernel; design your own commercial through our Waymark AI platform; or produce and schedule your ads through the Spectrum Reach Ad Portal. However you get started, these tips will help you consistently reach the right audiences with the right message.

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