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What is Lead Generation Marketing?

Lead generation, or “lead gen” marketing, is used to attract attention toward your brand or product and nurture that attention into interest and excitement. Ultimately, good lead gen marketing makes people want to hear about your brand or product.

Aggressive marketing can push people away. Lead gen marketing does the opposite, by building authentic trust with the customer and understanding what they are looking for. Establishing trust lets you show leads how your brand or product can fulfill their needs or solve their problems, ultimately leading them to become happy customers of your business.

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Lead Generation in Action

Take the example of Superstyle, an online apparel store seeking to increase its sales. To generate leads, Superstyle offered a 15% discount for first-time shoppers who signed up for their newsletter. They promoted the discount through social media ads and email marketing campaigns. Newsletter subscribers received fashion tips, intel on what’s trending this season, and predictions on upcoming trends. These trust-building topics were shared along with early notice of new arrivals to the store, leading to customer loyalty.

Superstyle also hosted a pop-up store, which resulted in their brand being mentioned in a fashion blog, driving more traffic to their website.

There are many lead generation methods that Superstyle could have used to grow their brand, but by combining just a few—content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing—they quickly improved their brand recognition, increased traffic to their website, attracted new customers, and increased sales.

Is Lead Generation Marketing Right for Your Business?

Lead gen marketing is great for any business that wants to expand its customer base, increase sales, and raise awareness about its product. It enables businesses to connect with people who have shown interest in their product or related products, creating meaningful interactions that can lead to ongoing customer relationships.


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