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What Is Media Buying?

Media buying is the process of purchasing advertising space or time on various media platforms, such as TV, radio, print, digital, and social media, to promote your product to your target audience. The goal is to reach the right audience at the right time in the right place, maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, and ensure you get a return on your investment.

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Media Buying in Action

A family-owned bakery wants to attract more customers and increase foot traffic to their store. They set a $40,000 media budget, and then purchase airtime on the local radio and TV stations. They also use a paid media campaign on social media to target their audience, adults who are foodies living within 30 miles of their store. The ads pay off. People come to the store mentioning they saw an ad for the bakery on TV and online.

Is Media Buying Right for Your Business?

When word of mouth isn’t helping you reach your business goals, media buying is a good strategy. It allows your business to secure specific ad placements that are targeted to your specific ideal customers, which can lead to increased awareness—and more sales.

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