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What is Programmatic Media?

Programmatic media purchasing is an automated method of buying and selling digital advertising space that uses software and algorithms to make real-time choices on ad placements, based on designated target audiences. Programmatic buying can be used across a range of channels, including TV, video ads, mobile ads, display ads, and social media ads.

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Programmatic Media in Action

An online apparel retailer wants to grow its customer base over the summer. The retailer reviews its first-party data and creates a profile of its customers: males 30-50, affluent, living in metropolitan areas across the US. The retailer works with an agency to buy digital advertising programmatically, based on their key markets and demographics. The programmatic buy includes using a range of creative and placement options, including re-targeting tactics for those who show interest in their ads.

Is Programmatic Media Right for Your Business?

Programmatic media buying is an incredibly efficient form of advertising that uses algorithmic technology to automate the media buying process. Programmatic buying targets audiences precisely, but in some instances provides less control of where your advertisement will run. Buying programmatically on specific social media platforms is a good strategy for small businesses. When it comes to TV, programmatic buying is typically for larger businesses.

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