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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing strategically leverages social media platforms to promote your brand to a specific audience, increasing sales and driving traffic to your business. Social media marketing requires the creation of content that both fits the social media platform it’s shared on, and resonates with the short attention span of social media users. Social media’s wide reach has the power to convert any user into a customer, while simultaneously providing you with crucial data about how people are responding to your brand.

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Social Media Marketing in Action

Let’s say a makeup company wants to create buzz around the upcoming launch of its new product.

The brand shares a series of teaser posts on their social media platforms that create curiosity and interest among followers and others who might come across the posts. They also create a unique hashtag for their campaign and encourage their followers to use it while discussing the new product.

The hashtag creates buzz around the product and allows the business to track engagement with their campaign. To expand the reach of the campaign, the brand sends samples of their makeup to influencers, who share their excitement with their followers. To build even more interest, the brand puts a countdown timer on their website and social media platforms, to remind followers of the product’s release.

On the launch day, the business unveils their new product with a visually engaging and informative post that includes product images, detailed descriptions, and a direct link to purchase the product on their website.

Post-launch, they encourage customers to share their reactions to and experiences with the new product, using the campaign hashtag. The brand reposts reactions on its own social media profiles.

The makeup brand can track the campaign’s performance using the tools provided by social media platforms and monitor engagement metrics, hashtag usage, website traffic, and the number of purchases made during and after the launch. This data analysis allows the brand to understand what worked and what didn’t, and how social media users feel about their product and their content.

Is Social Media Marketing Right for Your Business?

Social media marketing is a great tool for your business if you’re looking to increase awareness of your brand and build trust and familiarity between you and your customers. Many different social platforms can serve your business in different ways, so be sure to consider which platforms your customers are most likely to frequent. Social media is quite interactive, so be prepared to closely monitor your accounts to quickly respond to comments and questions.


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