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What is Video Advertising?

Video advertising is when audiovisual content is used to promote your product. These videos can be placed on social media platforms, traditional and streaming TV, and online video platforms. Video ads can appear before, during, or after the main show or video, all to capture the audience’s attention and convey your message.

small business filming a video

Video Advertising in Action

Imagine you are watching a cooking tutorial online, and a short advertisement plays five minutes into the video. The ad is for a kitchen appliance brand and shows their latest high-tech knife sharpener in action. The video’s purpose is to capture the viewer’s attention to encourage them to consider purchasing the product. Video advertising often leverages the popularity of related topics to reach a relevant and engaged audience who will be interested in your product.

Is Video Advertising Right for Your Business?

Video advertising is very appealing, as it promotes high engagement and conversion rates that drive business. In today’s digital world, it’s important to keep information concise, visually stimulating, and relevant. Video advertising will work well for any business looking to increase brand awareness across digital platforms and grow their audience.

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