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Terms and Conditions

Offer only available to eligible Chamber members (each an “Advertiser”) who have not advertised with Spectrum Reach within the 13 months prior to redeeming the offer. Advertisers must purchase a minimum of three consecutive months of linear cable TV inventory, with a minimum investment of $1,000 per month. Offer valid through 12/31/23 (the “Promotion Period”); Limit one (1) offer per Advertiser during the Promotion Period. Networks and dayparts at the discretion of Spectrum Reach,  and subject to availability; 24-hour rotator/run of schedule (ROS); Available while inventory lasts; Schedule to run on available inventory in Spectrum zones and will vary by market; Inclusion in third-party zones at the sole discretion of Spectrum Reach; Value Match: Advertiser can receive up to a maximum of $10,000 in bonus linear cable TV commercials during the Promotion Period; Value Match is calculated based on the initial linear cable TV purchase; Commercial value of linear cable TV inventory will be based on market standard rate card; Offer may only be used for Spectrum Reach linear cable TV inventory; Offer cannot be redeemed for cash; Advertiser cannot be a competitor of Spectrum, Spectrum Business, Spectrum Enterprise, Spectrum Mobile, or Spectrum Reach (as deemed by Spectrum Reach in its sole discretion); Advertiser must be a for-profit organization; May not be used for political or national ads; Agency submissions subject to additional review; Limit one (1) free Waymark :30 commercial per Advertiser during the Promotion Period; Creative services offered through Waymark unless Advertiser has its own creative or pays for additional creative services from Spectrum Reach at Advertiser’s own expense.