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HealthcareHealthcare advertising made easy—with precision and results.

Reach patients with data-driven, effective, and measurable healthcare advertising solutions.

Industry expertise that benefits you.

The pandemic, new technologies, and shifting consumer expectations have made the healthcare industry ripe for disruption. This new landscape requires more effective media and advertising strategies, so you can sustain and expand your healthcare practice.

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The Power of DataUnparalleled research and insights.

We have access to millions of exclusive, first-party viewership insights plus HIPAA-compliant third-party data. This means a hyper-targeted approach, helping healthcare advertisers eliminate waste and reach the right patients.

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FEATURED CONTENTUnlock the power of data as a healthcare marketer.

In this informative podcast episode, Spectrum Reach was invited by the American Hospital’s Association’s Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development to share valuable insights on how healthcare marketers can use data to optimize their marketing strategies.

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Be seen where insured adults are watching.

Your patients are watching their favorite content on all screens—TV, streaming, video, display, and search. And if you want your practice to grow, you need to make sure your practice is on all screens, too.

Connect with anyone, anywhere, across every screen, with dedicated local advertising experts who know healthcare inside and out.

33% of US adults have taken action due to healthcare ads in the past year.1

48% of insured adults feel that TV advertising provides them with useful information.1

64% of insured adults have streamed television in the last week.1

Insured adults watch an average of 23 hours of TV each week.1

Measuring ResultsReal-time analytics… with full transparency

For the smallest to the largest healthcare organizations, Spectrum Reach offers a wide range of tools and platforms to fine-tune your campaign—and ensure you’re getting the most from your investment.

Find your ideal patients. Reach them on every screen. And know that your campaign worked.


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HealthcareHow to Ensure a Healthy Flow of Traffic to Your Healthcare Website

Learn how Spectrum Reach boosts response rates for healthcare providers, by placing your ads alongside the right content at the right time. And maximize the potential of your ad creative to target your best patients.

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Spectrum Reach is your one-stop shop to advertise your practice alongside the best content on every screen—and reach more patients with greater precision than ever.

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