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PoliticsMaximize Voter Connections, Get Results

Spectrum Reach helps you navigate today’s fragmented media landscape with local knowledge, national reach, unmatched audience insights and multiscreen solutions—connecting campaigns with the right voters anywhere, on every screen.

Reach at ScaleReach a deeply engaged audience across 30M+ households.

Spectrum Reach helps political advertisers deliver reach on a national to a hyper-local level, reaching up to 97% of potential customers in the US.1

As the leading media sales organization in our markets, we can connect your campaign with up to 30M+ households. That's 1 out of every 4 TV households in the U.S.—with geotargeting capabilities.1

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FOCUSED ON DATATarget voters with precision with 300+ addressable segments.

Data is inherent to the way we do business. Our proprietary aggregated and de-identified first-party data from 30 million households and premium third-party insights from 70+ data partners are our differentiators. Accurately target your voters across all screens, anywhere, with L2 data and segments like voter registration and voter history.

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Streaming TVExpand your reach with the #1 most-viewed streaming provider.

Meet voters where they are this campaign season with streaming TV. Adding streaming to a linear TV campaign delivers an incremental 33% lift in reach.2 Spectrum Reach uses inventory across a vast portfolio of direct-to-consumer and third-party apps to access impressions and build reach for advertisers’ campaigns. This includes our Spectrum TV App, which is #1 for hours viewed per subscribing household.3

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CONNECT WITH USGet your campaign to the right people, everywhere they watch.

SPECTRUM NEWSDeliver locally relevant content with the #1 news network.

Spectrum News, the #1 news network in our markets,4 offers broad national scale with deep local connections. We are the fastest-growing, unbiased local news network with more than 2.4M daily viewing households.4 The average household tunes in to Spectrum News nearly 2x each day, watching more than 1.5 hours per day.5

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ProgrammingGet access to live and premium content.

Cable entertainment, news, and sports networks are a must-buy to reach live audiences, at scale, in local markets. With Spectrum Reach, you can reach voters across 450+ cable and streaming TV networks. And top-rated Spectrum News is unbiased, live, and local, with news, politics, sports, and weather 24/7.

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PRIVACY COMPLIANTProtect your brand with platinum-level TAG certification.

Ensuring your brand safety is our highest priority, and our brand safety and supply integrity practices exceed industry standards. You can advertise confidently with Spectrum Reach. We are TAG Platinum certified and Oracle Moat verified to protect your brand—and ensure your ads are seen by real people and not bots.

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