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Strategy/Tactics|June 27, 2024

From Data to Dollars

We share strategic insights to help maximize your ROI.

Everyone is talking about data—but the challenge is using it to effectively grow your business. Using data to paint a full picture is the smartest approach to successful advertising campaigns.

In this webinar, you will learn what data tools you have at your disposal and how to utilize them. Join us as Ben Van Horn, VP of Media Sales, Spectrum Reach, and Chris Oberholtzer, Digital Media Director, Rooms to Go, share their insights on how to find clarity amidst the chaos and make your advertising more effective and efficient.

In this webinar, in partnership with the American Marketing Association (AMA) featuring Spectrum Reach, you will learn:

  • Current challenges advertisers face—and why data is so important to overcome them.
  • How to understand, gather, and activate on your data successfully.
  • What to look for when analyzing your marketing campaigns.


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