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Learn|February 12, 2024

High-Profile Sports: A Key Opportunity for 2024

Learn about the power of live sports programming to reach your audience in this free webinar.

Join Spectrum Reach Director Cherri Ellis as she moderates a discussion on upcoming sports advertising opportunities for both small and large brands, with Spectrum Reach’s sports experts: Dan Schaefer, Brent Carter, and Diona Thebeau.

In 2024, high profile sports will take center stage. Whether it's baseball, basketball, hockey, football, or the 2024 Paris Olympics coverage, these massive events will create amazing opportunities this year, despite competition from major presidential election content.

If you're looking to score big with your TV advertising, this is your moment. Unlock the power of live sports programming to reach your audience with our recorded webinar.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • Engaged Audience: 99% of spectators watch sports live or same day, ensuring ads from being skipped.1
  • Affluent Demographic: Sports fans have an 18% higher median household income than the average consumer, and they respond favorably to TV and streaming ads. Your brand can be a part of their loyalty.2
  • Unparalleled Exposure: With access to 91% of all live national sports events on TV, we offer you a platform that's hard to beat.1

You can also download a PDF with data about high-profile sports programming.

Get the high profile sports data from the webinar