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Budget/ROI|November 28, 2022

How to Get the Best Results from Your Advertising Investment

Follow these three steps to deliver ROI you can measure

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  1. Know your goal(s) first, before you invest a penny.
  2. Determine the right media mix and monitor key performance metrics.
  3. Identify the right audiences using a data-informed approach.

Getting the best results from your advertising investment is critical for small business owners. By following three simple tips and focusing on key campaign performance metrics, you can ensure that your advertising dollars work harder to deliver the results that you seek.


Know your goal(s) first, before you invest a penny.

Setting clear goals for your marketing campaign upfront is important and will enable you to measure its effectiveness and accurately track results. Consider the following examples of clear campaign goals:

  • Increasing traffic to your store by a certain percentage during the holidays
  • Boosting traffic to your website by a certain percentage Year over year (YOY)
  • Increasing the click through rate (CTR) of your digital advertising
  • Building brand awareness over one fiscal year
  • Increasing sales by a certain percentage over one fiscal year

The right advertising partner can help you with goal setting, planning, and measurement of your campaign results. You can also consider integrating analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Matomo for ongoing monitoring or your digital performance.

Download this free worksheet to get your own goals

Determine the right media mix and monitor key performance metrics.

There are many media options to consider as you build your marketing campaigns including TV, digital, and paid social advertising. TV is a critical component as a foundation, given it is the #1 brand builder and the undisputed leader in time consumers spend each day with media. It’s where customers turn first when they want to watch their favorite content. Viewers spend five times as much of their day with TV than with internet on a desktop or laptop.1

As you leverage the power of TV, make sure to keep an eye on key performance metrics, including your campaign’s reach, impressions, and, frequency:

  • Reach refers to the number of households who were exposed to your ad at least once during your campaign. Impressions are individual ad exposures. Frequency is the average number of times a household saw your ad over the length of your campaign. You should aim to make sure audiences see your creative at least three times over the course of a TV campaign. It’s the secret to being remembered and how you build trust and familiarity with your audience.

Identify the right audiences using a data-informed approach.

With the right advertising partner, your business can identify precise audience segments down to the zip code level using a data-informed approach. Access to best-in-class, first-party data (such as TV-viewing data) and multiple, robust third-party data sets (such as Experian data) will enable you to target the audience that has the highest propensity to act when exposed to a commercial message. 

Once you have identified your target audience, together with your advertising partner, you can begin to build out a multiscreen campaign that can deliver messages to your target customers no matter what, where, or how they’re watching.

Putting it all Together 


Spectrum Reach can partner with you to help build your marketing strategy and get the best results from your advertising investment. We can help you build a media plan to maximize your reach, optimizing for the screens and content your audiences view the most. Using a data-informed approach, we can provide your business with the best possible advertising campaign optimized to reach your target audience in your geography with the right reach and frequency.