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Media Effectiveness|October 6, 2023

4 Factors for Navigating a Fragmented Streaming Media Landscape

Are you reaching every audience with your streaming strategy? We're here to help.

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    In this article:

  1. Data: Is Your Data Painting the Full Picture?
  2. Reach: Are Your Ads Moving Across Platforms Like Your Customers Do?
  3. Inventory & Placements: Are You Advertising in Premium Places?
  4. Brand Safety: Are Your Ads Being Seen by People Not Bots?

Streaming services are a dime a dozen— there are over 100 apps in the US alone!1 In this fragmented marketplace, knowing where to advertise to get the most for your dollar has gotten a lot more difficult. But with the right media partner, it doesn’t have to be hard to reach your audience.

Consider these four factors.


Data: Is Your Data Painting the Full Picture?

OTT/CTV advertising is great for targeting specific audiences, but only if the underlying data that informed those audience segments is robust and accurate.

At Spectrum Reach, data is inherent to the way we do business. Only media partners with cable or internet cords into the home can provide valuable access to first-party data for more accurate campaign planning and targeting.

Our proprietary aggregated and de-identified first-party data is gathered from our direct connections with nearly 30 million Spectrum households. We layer our first-party data viewing insights with robust premium third-party behavioral and demographic data from 70+ partners, to better identify the target audience, find them across every screen, and deliver impressions to the right audience.


Reach: Are Your Ads Moving Across Platforms Like Your Customers Do?

In the modern media marketplace, viewers consume content on multiple streaming platforms. Budgets are not big enough to advertise everywhere (except maybe if you’re Barbie), so brands and agencies need to be strategic, and place buys where they are most likely to reach the greatest number of their target audience.

With Spectrum Reach Streaming TV advertising, you get access to 450+ premium networks and publishers, including the Spectrum TV App, Spectrum News App, and partner apps to extend your reach.

The Spectrum TV App is the #1 most-viewed streaming service in the U.S. according to ComScore. This means more people are watching the Spectrum TV App on an hours per household basis than any other streaming service.2 Make sure your message is delivered to this valuable audience.

Spectrum TV ranks…

  • Top 4 for total time spent in the US3
  • #1 for hours watched per household4
  • #1 for days viewed per month4
  • #1 in attention time5

Inventory & Placements: Are You Advertising in Premium Places?

There are many places to buy streaming inventory, such as programmatic ad exchanges, streaming companies, networks, MVPDs, etc. This ad inventory is so spread out that marketers can have trouble buying enough quality inventory for their streaming campaigns, especially compared with linear TV advertising.

Our Streaming TV solution includes priority access to our owned-and-operated inventory on the Spectrum TV App and STB VOD, as well as cable network apps and streaming providers.

We don’t place your ads on open exchanges or within user-generated content. Our premier partnerships, carriage agreements, private marketplace, and direct deals put your message in premium placements with guaranteed priority access in a brand-safe environment. And we continue to expand our inventory sources, so you can reach audiences across any screen no matter what they are watching.


Brand Safety: Are Your Ads Being Seen by People Not Bots?

CTV is vulnerable to both device and content-driven ad fraud. When ads are not seen by the right consumers—or not by actual humans at all—they fail to generate brand exposure, leads, and sales. The result is wasted and stolen marketing dollars.

Spectrum Reach is the first local sales organization to become a Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Platinum member. TAG offers three seals of approval: Brand Safety, Ad Fraud, and Malware. If a company receives all three, it achieves Platinum Member status. We place your campaigns alongside brand-safe and fraud-free content.

We’re also Oracle Moat-verified, ensuring that all of Spectrum Reach's inventory has been seen by real people—the actual audience you’re trying to reach—and is held to the highest key performance indicators. Ads run where they are scheduled to run, and are optimized towards supply quality metrics, including measurability and viewability.

Reach Every Audience


With Spectrum Reach as your media partner, you’ll reach every audience on premium long-form video—regardless of subscription, platform, device, or geography.

Start advertising with Spectrum Reach today.