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Measurement Capabilities|November 18, 2022

Bringing Advanced Media Measurement to Multiscreen TV at Scale

It’s an age-old question: "How many people saw my ad, and how often?" Even with technology and data-tracking capabilities at their fingertips, marketers continue to struggle with this seemingly simple question. And when it comes to TV advertising, fragmentation hasn’t made answering this question any easier.

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As television viewing continues to evolve, advertisers need transparent and consistent reporting to see trends that meet their advertising goals. Understanding the incremental reach of streaming TV over and above linear schedules is critical to investment decision making.

Scale Meets Reporting

Spectrum Reach has taken the lead in the marketplace by offering advertisers a holistic, data-driven solution in media measurement with our Multiscreen Reach and Frequency reporting at scale.

Using our aggregated and de-identified first-party viewership data, which is an important differentiator, the offering is a complete solution, measuring the exposure of all linear TV networks, streaming TV, and video on demand (VOD) platforms in a privacy-compliant manner. Spectrum Reach’s Multiscreen Reach and Frequency provides a uniquely holistic view of campaign impact and granular geographic details. These insights are available at scale to advertisers, helping to serve the needs of local businesses by driving campaign effectiveness and better efficiencies.

"Advertisers are right to expect holistic reach and frequency reporting on linear and streaming TV in one report," said Rob Klippel, Senior Vice President, Advanced Advertising Products and Strategy at Spectrum Reach. "They want accurate and transparent measurement across screens to ensure campaign effectiveness that allows advertisers to see the whole multiscreen picture." In addition to analyzing a campaign’s overall reach and frequency, advertisers can view the incremental reach that streaming TV adds to a linear TV campaign or vice versa. The results can be significant.

Campaign Success Story

In a multiscreen measurement case study, Spectrum Reach proved our data-driven multiscreen campaign can fine-tune media plans to optimize reach and message delivery, and gain insight into how and where the audience is consuming an advertiser’s message.

DR Advertising LLC (formerly Danny Reed Advertising) worked with Spectrum Reach to explore the impact of an audience-based buying approach in two cities with our client Roger Beasley Hyundai, a popular Texas car dealership with locations in Austin and San Antonio.

For Roger Beasley Hyundai’s 2021 third quarter campaign, we implemented a side-by-side market analysis testing a data-driven schedule in Austin against a more traditional schedule approach in San Antonio to prove the effectiveness of Spectrum Reach’s campaign development solution. Both markets used linear and streaming television. More specifically:

  • In Austin, DR Advertising leveraged Spectrum Reach’s unique capability to build data-driven TV campaigns, to select networks and dayparts that specifically appealed to Hyundai or KIA in-garage owners as the dealership’s ideal target audience.
  • In San Antonio, a traditional campaign development strategy was utilized, focusing on age and gender and using a narrow selection of high-rated networks.

Spectrum Reach’s Multiscreen Reach and Frequency report, a holistic account of campaign performance available to all clients that highlights trends to help advertisers optimize message delivery, was able to define the best approach to audience-based buying. The Austin schedule generated 23% more reach out of the gate during the first month of the campaign and 35% higher frequency over the duration of the campaign.

Interestingly, the results of this case study could not be completed today by traditional measurement providers at scale. Using Spectrum Reach’s Multiscreen Reach and Frequency uniquely allows advertisers to make decisions on the right balance on investment between linear and streaming TV. Through Spectrum Reach’s platform, an actual average frequency for multiscreen TV is reported to advertisers. That’s innovation.

Landon Sims, Owner of DR Advertising, reiterated the impact of the collaboration: "Spectrum Reach has always been a good partner, and has been particularly effective during this period of supply chain issues where efficiency and targeted consumer reach matters. Their Multiscreen Reach and Frequency report, based on first-party data, has demonstrated conclusively that audience-based targeting and impressions-based buying through their audience targeting tool is effective, not only in delivering the customer, but in driving outcomes like website visitation and driving efficiencies on CPM. We look forward to continuing to partner with Spectrum Reach on data and analytics to drive decision making."

In summary, who you pick as a media partner to provide reach and frequency truly matters. You want a partner who has a comprehensive and privacy-compliant TV data set. You want holistic reporting that includes linear TV and streaming TV in the same report. And you need data, consistently, so you can optimize your schedules throughout the year, not one snapshot in time. Spectrum Reach is the media partner that can deliver, and with our advanced multiscreen capabilities and reporting, advertisers can have greater confidence in the efficient use of their advertising dollars.