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Strategy/Tactics|November 14, 2022

Reach Audiences with the #1 Brand Builder: TV

Are you a digital-only advertiser? TV reaches more people than any other kind of media and still provides the best opportunity to connect with your audiences. TV is the #1 Brand builder and provides businesses likes yours the ability to find audiences wherever, whenever, and however they are watching.

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    In this article:

  1. Meet Your Customers Where they Are, Wherever They Are
  2. Be Precise
  3. Think about Timing

Access to screens and content comes in many forms and, while a proliferation of new devices and content sources has promoted a shift in consumption habits, the majority of viewing time is still spent with live and streaming TV. A successful multiscreen campaign begins with TV, and a multiscreen campaign featuring linear (live TV), streaming, and mobile increases purchase intent 13% over a single medium campaign.1

Here are three tips to help you identify and reach the right audience for your business across all screens.


Meet Your Customers Where they Are, Wherever They Are

Location is key. Knowing where your customers are helps to close the gap between your customers and your revenue. It’s all about reaching the right person at the right time on the right device. Spectrum Reach’s data-informed approach will boost your campaign with our proprietary aggregated, and de-identified first-party data (such as TV viewing data) along with best-in-class second and third-party data (such as Experian data) to ensure you reach your best potential customers down to the zip code level across all screens.


Did you know that 80 percent of disposable incomes are spent within 20 miles of the home?2 Businesses in suburban and rural areas should target customers within a 20-mile radius.


Be Precise

Launching a successful TV advertising campaign is not targeting the biggest audience, but finding the right one. Identify your ideal customers, those most likely to boost your sales, by asking yourself these simple questions:

  • What does my ideal customer look like (age, income level etc.)?
  • What are their interests (travel, food, sports, entertainment etc.)?
  • Can I craft a message that is relevant to the customers I am trying to reach?
  • Does the profile of my target audience change during key holidays? For example: Do more men or women shop with me during Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day? Do more parents come to my store during back-to-school season?


In order to target different audiences, create multiple messages that will resonate with each audience you are trying to reach. Experts at Kernel, Spectrum Reach’s in-house creative services agency, can help you craft messages that reach specific demographics and communities with engaging, culturally-relevant creative. You can also tailor messages and creative to the content audiences are watching.


Think about Timing

Timing is everything. Make sure to run your creative at least three times to maximize the effectiveness of your multiscreen campaign. Plan a a two-to-three month media schedule, so your audience can start to recognize your message. If you’re having a sales event, increase your frequency to get that message in front of as many people as possible in a shorter period of time. Turning purchase intent into an actual purchase can take seven-to-eight exposures over two-to-three months.


If you want your audience to remember your brand before the holidays or seasonal peaks, start running ads weeks in advance. If you’re just launching your campaign, don’t be tempted to adjust your TV schedule right away. Let your message reach your audience three-to-four times consistently before changing networks, the times of day your commercial airs, or your creative.

Advertising on TV is the most effective way to reach your target audience. Reach customers in your neighborhood and on your budget through multiscreen advertising. Spectrum Reach is maximizing the opportunity to deliver messages to audiences whenever, wherever, and whatever they are watching.