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Strategy/Tactics|November 18, 2022

Reach Your Customers Without Limits for the Most Effective Ad Campaigns

Employing a local advertising expert makes perfect economic and business sense.

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The complexity of the media landscape for advertisers continues to increase. The average U.S. household now has 25 connected devices, and your customers have more choices than ever before on where and how they consume media.1 Marketers in today’s media landscape need to reach customers in multiple places, however, reaching the right audience across multiple screens and devices doesn’t have a singular solution.

As advertisers continue to adapt and expand media plans into streaming, digital, and other channels, there is less transparency around media performance. Many advertisers have no idea how much of their target audience they’re actually reaching, making it difficult to understand how their advertising is performing.

The solutions to these challenges can be found through the right advertising partner who can enable you to target customers beyond standard demographics (audience-based buying), deliver a combination of traditional and digital media (multiscreen advertising), and offer cross-screen measurement to accurately measure your results.

Connecting With the Right Audience

Step one in creating a great media campaign is to take a hard look at who you want to reach with your advertising. It’s important to approach targeting beyond traditional age and gender demographics and define an audience group based on your objectives. This is where Audience-Based Buying can help drive positive business outcomes.

Audience-based buying relies on creating audience segments using behavioral, attitudinal, and/or lifestyle-based data. You can target based on buying habits (e.g. potential new homeowners), personal characteristics (e.g. physicians), TV viewing behaviors (e.g. news), and geography to reach the most relevant consumers.

This allows for the ability to optimize a media plan that targets your best audience and increases the likelihood for a consumer to be interested in a product or take a specific action.

Reaching Your Audience Where They Are

Consumers engage in multiscreen behaviors in their daily lives and are looking for more personalized experiences. In today’s vast and highly fragmented media landscape, it is crucial to reach the people behind the screens. The best way to accomplish this is through the power of a multiscreen strategy. The data to support this is evident:

  • On average, households are exposed to your ad more than double when you advertise on both TV and Streaming TV, compared to TV or Streaming TV alone.
  • When you add Streaming TV to a TV-only campaign, you can potentially increase your campaign’s reach incrementally by 28 percent. 
  • Conversely, when you add TV to a streaming-only campaign, you can potentially incrementally increase your reach by 363 percent. 

The importance of utilizing a multiscreen approach to reach audiences across multiple platforms cannot be overstated. When you combine delivering the right message to the right audience across devices, you’ll be on the fast track to your most effective advertising yet.

Navigating the Campaign Process End-to-End

With so many media options and measurement tools, building an effective campaign while managing your daily business can appear daunting. It is essential to find the right advertising partner who offers a seamless, one-stop solution to simplify the entire process. They can provide the data and insights to target the right audience, deliver the right combination of TV and Streaming TV and share real-time, actionable measurement reporting for your multiscreen campaign.

For example, Spectrum Reach offers the first-ever deterministic multiscreen attribution solution that connects TV and streaming TV ad exposures to digital outcomes, such as website traffic, in a privacy-compliant way and using aggregated and de-identified insights.2 With advancements like deterministic multiscreen attribution, advertisers can now more precisely and consistently evaluate the effectiveness of their cross-platform TV buys in near-real time.

Protecting Your Advertising Investment

While measuring impact is necessary for a successful campaign, another area not to be overlooked is brand safety. The right partner will make sure your advertising is where it should be and when it is supposed to be there. Credentials to look for include being TAG-Certified against fraud and/or Moat-verified. There is 90 percent less fraud in TAG-certified distribution channels, and with the Moat verification, a media rating council accredited third-party company ensures the content inventory your ads are placed on is measurable, viewable, and has the lowest invalid traffic. You also want your partner to be 100 percent ads.txt compliant. This means your ads will appear only on quality, brand-safe websites and apps that have been vetted and verified as legitimate.

No matter the size of your business, utilizing a multiscreen approach backed by audience-based buying, protecting your ads against fraud, and gaining access to real-time measurement of your campaigns is all within your reach. Engaging these capabilities will help you maximize your advertising investments and lead to stronger results, ensuring you get the most out of your advertising budget without limits.

Spectrum Reach is a local advertising expert and your one-stop shop for the best products and ideas to reach anyone, anywhere, on any screen. With our unique combination of TV and Streaming TV inventory, we have unmatched reach and scale potential of nearly 100 percent in any market. Using our first-party data, combined with third-party insights, we can help inform your campaigns so you spend smarter by reducing duplications and creating efficiencies and connect you with the right customers across TV, streaming TV, online, and search. And we’re proud to be TAG-certified, Moat-verified, and ads.txt compliant.