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In the News|May 23, 2024

How Spectrum Reach Harnessed Chaos in a Fragmented Media Environment

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In the increasingly complex world of multiscreen media planning, marketers are justifiably concerned about reaching the right audiences, whether those audiences stay consistent, and whether campaigns drive results. It can feel chaotic.

In a keynote address titled Harnessing Chaos, delivered to industry leaders at this year's Streaming Media NYC in New York, Spectrum Reach's SVP of Marketing Michael Guth demonstrated how it is possible to simplify audience fragmentation, and find opportunity in the chaos of the current media landscape.

Guth began his address with one key question: where are audiences actually spending most of their time? Pointing to research from thousands of campaigns, Guth showed how Spectrum Reach is able to aggregate audiences across platforms and channels to reach a wide cross-section of viewership. He also discussed how Spectrum Reach leverages high-quality, privacy-focused first-party data to help advertisers drive results in multiscreen campaigns.

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