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Partnerships|May 9, 2023

Unlocking Brand Growth with Audience-Based Buying

A Fresh Look At How Marketers Are Adopting Innovative TV Strategies.

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New Data: Amid Economic Uncertainty, Marketers Are Increasingly Turning to Audience-Based Buying 


“Spectrum Reach has long known that audience-based buying is one of the most effective solutions for advertisers to reach their customers,” said Michael Guth, Senior Vice President of marketing, at Spectrum Reach. “This study underscores the benefits of incorporating modern buying approaches, and scaling those solutions across TV and Streaming TV can optimize results.” 


About VAB: Video Advertising Bureau 


The Video Advertising Bureau (VAB)—whose members include the national TV networks alongside a broader community of influential media companies—is an insights-driven organization that inspires marketers to reimagine their media strategies resulting in smarter, more educated decisions. Visit VAB online and access its continuously growing content library at


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Released 5/9/23 in partnership with Spectrum Reach