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Media Effectiveness|March 7, 2024

Leverage the Power of Multiscreen

Optimize your TV campaign with deterministic multiscreen attribution.

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Spectrum Reach is the first advertising partner to bring brands deterministic multiscreen attribution at scale. Our deterministic cross-platform tool works by matching aggregated and de-identified first-party data collected from set-top boxes and streaming devices in a privacy-compliant manner with third-party website visitation data through our partnerships with Innovid and Blockgraph. This allows brands and marketers to attribute TV ad exposure across linear, streaming, and addressable TV campaigns to consumer actions on digital devices.

For nearly two years, we have been studying audience response to multiscreen TV campaigns, analyzing what drives consumers to take action and visit an advertiser’s website after seeing a message. Across more than 260 campaigns, over 14 industries, and more than 150 accounts, five key learnings stand out:

1. Broaden Your Daypart Mix

Primetime is home to the highest profile lean-in content, but our results show that audience response rates are actually highest outside of prime—with daytime and early fringe leading the pack.1

2. Invest in Sports Programming

Just as Primetime is lean-in content, so is sports programming. We found that advertisers on sports networks generated 24% higher response rates than average.2

3. Benefit from the Power of Spectrum News

Across top industries, clients who leveraged the power of Spectrum News saw higher website responses on average than those advertisers who did not.2

4. Understand Day-of-Week Impact

When you advertise matters. We found that different industries have days that work best for them. Knowing your vertical’s “sweet spot” day can help to inform both creative and media strategies.


5. Customize Your Creative

Creative optimization is right up there with media optimization to drive results. When you align media insights with creative insights, results can be immediate.


Spectrum Reach is at the forefront of holistic multiscreen reporting at scale, allowing brands to maximize their ad investment by planning smart, efficient, and effective campaigns that drive results.

Click here to learn more about our in-depth multiscreen attribution study—and connect with us to reach cross-screen audiences today.