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Audience Based Buying|May 8, 2023

Learn the Secrets of Audience-Based Buying

Spectrum Reach has teamed with VAB to study marketers’ practices and attitudes toward audience-based buying.

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Study 1: Unlocking Brand Growth with Audience-Based Buying

Learn how the economy is the most influential factor impacting how marketers invest in 2023, and how brands are utilizing innovative strategies to drive outcomes during uncertain times, including increased investment in audience-based strategies.

The study includes:

  • Impact of Economic Conditions
  • Why Audience-Based Buying?
  • Multiscreen TV as Market Leader
  • ABB Challenges & Solutions
  • Measurement
Download VAB Study 1

Study 2: Reaching the Right Audience

In this second study we’ll dive into the findings, exploring the specific attitudes, behaviors, and practices of four key marketer segments:

  • Small business marketers
  • Large business marketers
  • Agency professionals who work with small brand budgets
  • Agency professionals who work with large brand budgets
Download VAB Study 2

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