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Strategy/Tactics|March 13, 2024

The Future of Advertising

Optimize your ad spend with Audience-Based Buying.

Audience-based media buying is key for businesses to stay connected to their customers in a strategic, deliberate way. It’s the solution to audience fragmentation you’ve been waiting for.

Join David Shellhorse, Director of Market Research & Insights at Spectrum Reach, as he walks you through the benefits of incorporating a modern audience-centric approach to buying, to capture the right customers for your business.

In this webinar from Spectrum Reach, in partnership with the American Marketing Association (AMA), you will learn how to:

  • Take advantage of evolving consumer media habits—instead of being impaired by them.
  • Move beyond age and gender to behaviors and attitudes—and target more effectively.
  • Overcome audience fragmentation—and target customers across a wide variety of media.